About Our Company

We Design, We Decorate, We Restore, We Customize…

About Our Company

"Casa Eros Muebles provides custom-made Designer Furniture sets for homes, condominiums, resorts, spa, hotels and restaurants, office furniture and parlors. The designer is well recognized in the following furniture styles: Victorian, Italian, Middle Eastern, French, European and Asian. Our team comprises of interior designers/wood craft makers/artists /upholsterers/painters and landscapers. We have a team of contractors as service providers for interior design projects. Our team offers interior design ideas or concepts when purchasing a furniture line to ensure that the over-all home designs are aligned and achieved with the chosen furniture style. In other words, before we actually offer the furniture line, we will provide a complete analysis and recommendation which furniture styles are suitable in your home or business. We offer quality furniture for both sophisticated and affordable markets."

What We Do Best

Custom-made home furniture sets
Interior design works
Garden and swimming pool landscaping
Curtain or drapery with Valance Boards
Furniture Re -upholstery works

"Designer Eros has a very keen eye for the arts and pieces that are quite unique and extraordinary. The styles are personalized in designs depending on the client’s personality and preference. This will provide assurance that each furniture set is unique and may not be available in the commercial market. Our objective in designing is to provide a state of the art furniture suitable for the client's personality, preference or business . Most of the materials used are imported except for the wood which are locally produced from the Philippines such as Gmilina, Mahogany, Molave and Narra (but very limited due to its availability except for existing narra antiques). The artistry from wood carving and upholstery dates more than a century of experience which has been passed on from different generation. . The decorative pieces and fabrics for the Victorian/Middle Eastern/French Provincial antiques/Italian and Almotlaq furniture were ordered or purchased from Europe/USA/ China/Middle East and Southeast Asia. We also combine modern with Victorian designs for clients who wanted both the elegance of old and described as Modern Antiques and may also be classified as eclectic designs."

Casa Eros Muebles sells or offers an explicit and sophisticated home furniture lines :

Living Room Showcase

with Mirror and Console Table Sets

Dining Room Showcase

with Cupboard set and Buffet Table Set

Bedroom Showcase

Bed and Bedside tables with Vanity Mirror Set

Garden Set/Lanai Set

Antique Furnitures

and Chandeliers

Antique furniture restoration

"Since we provide custom-made furniture, the lead time for one set is between 30 to 45 days. Specially for wood carved designs such as Victorian/Middle Eastern/European because these furniture sets require skilled labor and artistry that will undergo the stages of furniture making. For modern furniture, ( or purely upholstered sets) the lead time is usually between 7 days to 20 days."